• Desk Top Robot
    Image Master 350PC

    - Overview -
    PC control image recognition dispensing system 
     IMAGEMASTER 350PC Smart
     Dedicated desktop dispensing robot with an 
     image recognition function 
     Support Correction (tilt and surge of a work) with
     the "3D alignment- function"Compact desktop type 
     is suitable for research and development, 
     as well as handling various types of objects and
     small lot production.The built-in image recognition 
     function greatly improves dispensing 
     position precision.
    1. Camera images can be displayed on a screen at 
     any time. Applicaton check, application size
     measurement by image processing.
     Full camera teaching and other convenient
     functions are installed.
    2. The drawing shape and the dispensing line 
     width can be checked by 
     "Dispense pre-view function".

     It's fully equipped with expansive functions, such as high precision positioning adjustment!
    Using the 3D alignment function, this machine handles XYθ adjustment to match the workpiece's tilt and Z adjustment to match its rolling. It's perfect for applying adhesive to smartphones.
    ・Automatically executes and monitors the production cycle, from workpiece arrival to shipping, and automatically logs production information into the database. Supports traceability through a production log.
    ・Even if shape changes by misses, New development edge detection function Equipped, alignment object recognize properly alignment.
    ・We display dispensing preview function Equipped, dispensing image.
    ・Cuts labor and time through a simple set-up.
    ・Figure edites dispensing program on PC by Software for editing the dispensing pattern MuCADV.



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