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    Musashi's Technology




    Suitable Dispenser Models

    The above table is for reference only, and the actual requirements may vary
    in accordance with the dispensing conditions and the fluid to be dispensed.
    Please contact to sales[at]musashius.com for more details.


    Fluid Material Table

    Various Adhesives UV setting Adhesives, Cyanide-based Adhesives (Instant Glues), Anaerobic Adhesives,
    Rubber Adhesives, One-Part Expoxies, Two-Part Expoxies, Hot Melt Adhesives,
    Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    Solvents/ Volatile Materials Alcohol, MEK, Ammonia, Paint Thinner, Toluene, Trichloroethylene, Acetone, Freon etc.
    Semiconductor & PC Board Components Mounting-Related Materials Cream Solder, Flux, Conductive Adhesive (Silver Paste), Urethane Adhesive,
    Junction Coating Epoxy Resin, Junction Coating Resin, Resist etc.
    Various Lubrication Agents

    Silicone Oil, Silicone Grease, Industrial Oil, Industrial Silicone Grease, Engine Oil,

    Motor Oil, Precision Equipement Oil etc.

    Various Resins

    UV Resins, Epoxy Resin with Filler, Paraffin (heated), Wax, Hot Melt Resin,

    Emulsion resin for Fibers etc. 

    Various Paints Inks, Dyes, Solvent based Paints, Water-Soluble Paints, Fluorescent Paints, Lacquers,
    Enamels etc.
    Others Various Brazing Pastes (Gold/ Silver/ Copper), Sealing Agents, Sealing Silicone Fluids,
    One-Part RTV Rubber, Two-Part RTV Rubber