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Turret Handler 
1. 30 years experience in LED industry worldwide.
2. Reliable Japanese quality
3. System with simple design, easy changeover and maintenance.
4. Experienced design team supporting various techincal requrements. (Loader/unloader,Carrier  tape, vision inspection etc)

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Laser Markers



There is a higher demand on anti-counterfeit technology for ID card security. Engraving photograph and letters gives ID card much highersecurity.Though Copal has developed and manufactured thermal transfer ID card printer for long time, now to increase card security we developed laser marker installed newly developed laser engine.


    CLS-X                                                            UM-1C                                     CLM-50


Metal surface:


Exfoliation of alumite/ coating:

Industrial Laser systems here(CLS-X/ UM-1C)!
All-in one Laser systems here(CLM-50) !
All-in one Laser systems here(CLM-70) !


Getech Automation Pte. Ltd. link

PCB de-panel Router system
Getech Automation has been involved in the PCB automation and depanelling Industry for over 20 years. With literally thousands of machines installed and millions of PCBs handled daily.
Getech is focused on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to address the changing needs of the PCBA and Semi-conductor industries.

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Superior Routing Accuracy, Excellent Software Interface, High Throughput and Yield!
"Performance, Value, Integrity"

ISHIIHYOKI Co.,Ltd. link

Inkjet Coater
1. Whole coating of resist and isolation film.
2. Thickness: 0.03um~50um
3. Realizes high uniformity(±3 ~5%)
4. Efficiency in utilizing of material is more than 90%

TOKO Corporation link

Magnetic Water Treatment systems [Muzo]
We are able to solve [Red-Rust], [Scales] &[Slime] in your facilities.
1. Chemical Free
2. Energy Free
3. Maintenance Free
4. Cost saving
We are offering protect environment and saving cost prodcuts.

TAKAOKA TOKO Co.,Ltd. link

3D Bump inspection system
Our 3D measurement sensor achieves high-speed and high-accuracy 3D inspection of micro bumps using a unique confocal optical system sensor that is the key to advanced leading-edge packaging technology.
In addition we will satisfy demands of customer’s various three-dimensional measurement application other than the implementation technology.
The unique non-scanning multibeam confocal sensor improves the well-known high reliability and accuracy of confocal 3D measurement methods to support in-line inspection with assured accuracy.

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