Semiconductor Device

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We provide optimal solu­tions by supplying electronic components, primarily semiconductor products, and various modules to a wide range of applications including mobile devices, intelligent home appliances, vehicle equipment, and industrial machinery.

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We are available for other brands products and parts

  • - Semiconductor parts
  • - Electronics parts
  • - LCD Panels
  • - Optical Devices
  • - Communication equipment parts
  • - System boards
  • - Amusement related products
  • - AV related products
  • - Solar Cell related component
  • - CMOS sensor

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SII Semiconductor Corporation link

The Seiko Instruments Inc. semiconductor business has been spun off as a separate joint-venture entity called SII Semiconductor Corporation through joint investment with the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) and will commence operation in January 2016.

 SII Semiconductor Corporation's strength is its low power, low voltage, high precision technology with its manufacturing techniques, based on its watch making experiences. They offer semiconductors, LCDs, crystal oscillators and micro-batteries.


Yamaha's LSI for use in musical instruments have been utilized in mobile phones, TVs, digital audio, image processing, etc.
They have also technical development in new fields such as digital amplifiers and LSI for vehicles.

Xinli Optronics Technology
Co., Ltd link

XINLI Optronics Technology is specializing in researching and manufacturing various kinds of LCD modules, touch panels and relevant electronic products.

TAMUL Multimedia Inc. link

Tamul Multimedia Inc strives to make a position as a leading Fab-less company in the world as a company specializing in semiconductor design, and preparing to develop a multi-media digital age. Product planning capabilities and advanced technical capabilities of our semiconductor products adopted by the Home Portable multimedia and multimedia equipment, car multimedia devices,

INVO Automotive Electronics Co.,Ltd link

Suzhou INVO Automotive Electronics Co.,LTD  was founded in 2012 .It is a high-tech enterprise ,with independent intellectual property rights, research and development, manufacture, sales and service . It focuses on researching and producing of Advanced Driver Assitance Systems persistently.
With specific image sensor and intelligent identification processing technology, which is the central role of INVO, it successfully developed the Lane Departure Warning system, the Forward Collision Warning systems, Around view system, rear view camera, WIFI driving video record system, and the other intelligent advanced driver assistance systems.

East Crystal Electronic Co.,Ltd link

ZheJiang East Crystal Electronic Co.,Ltd. is specialized in electronic components manufacture.
Our main products are all kinds of Quartz crystal units,the annual production are 100 million sets.These crystal units are used for communication and video circuit such as television, computer,VCD, pager, mobile phone.Our annual production of ceramic tubular capacitors are 500 million pieces,these capacitors are used for IFT.