Business overview

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We introduce stories at work sites,
including "Semicondcutor Equpiments", "Semicondcutor Devices" & "Energy Petroleum"
where Kanematsu (Singapore) create new values.

A Network of Support
in Both the Middle East and Southeast Asia

Semiconductor Equipments

This segment mainly deals in semiconductors and LCD manufacturing equipment and has a wide range of product lines as well as domestic and overseas support structures. Kanematsu has discovered promising cutting-edge technologies from Japanese and overseas manufacturers and is uniquely commercializing them in partnership and developing them into de-facto industry standards that meet the needs of customers. Our system, which is capable of responding to large numbers of requests, is creating a stronger relationship of trust with customers.

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Semiconductor Device

We supply semiconductors made by domestic and overseas manufacturers and offering a wide array of products, from generic power ICs and memories to cutting-edge technologies such as ASICs and high-precision sensors. Moreover, we provide optimal solutions by supplying electronic components, primarily semiconductor products, and various modules to a wide range of applications including mobile devices, intelligent home appliances, vehicle equipment, and industrial machinery.

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Energy Petroleum

We are engaging in bunker business and new business opportunities in a changed environment caused by electric­ity and gas deregulation.

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