• Mechanical Dispenser
    Aero Jet

    - Overview -
    It can shoot liquids of medium and high viscosity 
      at high speeds. 
    Using its original jet mechanism, 
    it can dispense material on the nano- level. 
    The durability is 4 times that of conventional models. 
    We achieved stable dispensing 

    1. Production tact time greatly improve. 
    2. Musashi’s own jet mechanism 
        makes super micro dots. 
    3. Maximum speed 333shots/sec. 
    4. Good repeatability/ Productivity.

      Aero Jet
    Method Non-contact Jet dispenser (Jet type)
    Viscosity Middle to High ( 0.05 ~ 500Pa.s)

    Pressure setting

    0.005 ~ 0.7MPa

    Dispense time

    DOT Dispense [ 1 ~ 9999msec]

    Line Dispense ON Time [0.01 ~ 99.99msec]

    Line Dispense OFF Time [0.01 ~ 99.99msec]

    Dispense Shot 1 ~ 9999 shots [ For Line dispense mode]



    Mechanical Dispesner

    Aero Jet

    Cyber Jet 2 Screw Master 3 MPP-1



    Under fill fluid


    Solar cell



    HDD Parts


    Camera Module



    Die Bonding


    ※Dispense controller suitablness would be depended on customer's materials.

    ※If you are looking for except in the application list, please contact us.