• Mechanical Dispenser
    Screw Master 3

    - Overview -
    Stable dispensing high-speed in liquid materials 
     with high viscosity filler without clogging.

    It becomes problem that liquid materials such as
     cream solder and epoxy resin and grease,
     heat radiation grease enables stable
     high speed dispensing and high precision dispensing. 
     High efficiency screw dispenser "SCREW MASTER®3" 
     is available for correspondence 
     in those liquid materials.

    By original screw mechanism, we cancel fluctuations 
     and fluid buildup of dispensing volume and 
     realize small amount Dotting dispensing and 
     wire drawing dispensing of high stability and
     high precision.Furthermore, we can change syringe 
     for easily and promise high work efficiency.
     It is high dimensional and meets severe demand
     for dispensing work of liquid materials and 
     highly viscous liquid agent with particle.


      Screw Master 3
    Dispensing method Screw
    Main function no Highway dispense such as liquid material with particle, high viscosity liquid material
    Adaptation liquid material Sor da paste, Ag paste, epoxy resin, grease

    Liquid material supply method

    Sealant cartridge
    Barrel cartridge
    Tube cartridge




    Item Name High performance Screw Dispenser Screw Master 3
    Model MSD-3-SET1 MSD-3-SET2 MSD-3-SET3
    Dispenseing Method Screw Type
    Main Functions High-Speed Dispensing of high viscosity paste, Particle filled pasted, and so on.
    Applicable fluid materials Solder paste, Ag Paste, Epoxy resin, and more
    Liquid feeding method Syringe (5~70mL), Tank Syringe (5~50mL), 

    Sealant Cartridge,

    Barrel Cartridge,

    Tube Cartridge

    Dispensing mode Timed and Manual
    Dispensing time setting range 0.01~999.999s
    Quantity of channels 400 channels
    External input signal

    Dispensing signal, Setup dispensing signal, Dispense mode switching signal,

    Error reset signal, Channel switching signal.

    External output signal

    Dispensing signal,Completed dispensing signal, Busy signal, Setup signal,

    Completed auto-increment signal, Error signal, Power on signal.

    Other functions

    Suck back, Multi-preset, Auto increment, Synchro speed,

    RS232C communication, Language selection ( JPN or ENG ).

    Rated Power supply & Frequency 100~240 VAC  ( 50/60Hz )
    Power consumption 45 W



    Dispense head unit

    W 37 x D 85 x H 230.5 mm

    (Excluding protrusion)

    W 37 x D 100 x H 230.5 mm

    (Excluding protrusion)

    Controller Unit

    W 300 x D 250 x H 100 mm (Excluding protrusion)

    Weight Dispense head unit 1 kg ( Excluding liquid & liquid container)
    Controller Unit 5.2 kg
    Compatible Standards CE marking ( LVD, EMC ), EU RoHS



    ※Dispense controller suitablness would be depended on customer's materials.

    ※If you are looking for except in the application list, please contact us.