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130th Anniversary


130th Anniversary


Today, August 15th, Kanematsu celebrates the 130th anniversary of its founding.


We sincerely Thank you for All our customers, Partners.


In 1889 (during Meiji period), when the company was founded, the Eiffel Tower was completed in March for the Paris World Exposition in France, and the Wall Street Journal was launched in the United States in July.

With such internationalization momentum rising, our company was founded in Kobe in August of the same year.


Our Pioneering Spirit has not changed since the time of our foundation


At the time of its founding, Fusajiro declared, “Let us sow and nurture the seeds of global prosperity.” In these words, he put his ambition, “Sow a seed now, and take action to benefit people around the globe.” These words represent the philosophy of entrepreneurs who pioneer new markets and establish their own business styles, as well as the philosophy that leads to today's SDGs to provide socially useful products and services.





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