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[MUSASHI] Musashi introduce JET Dispenser for Grease


Grease JET dispensing system Available Now!!




The grease is using for Automotive parts, Industrial Motor parts, Electronic parts, in-Vehicle parts.

There is many kind of the grease varies, it is important for customer have to select and use the most suitable grease for your prodcuts and use suitable dispesne system!


Musashi Engineering has replied such customers situations and released Grease JET Dispenser!


1. Auto filling grease: Using direct penumatic filling from pail (a can).

    - Reduce material replacement time and save material!


2.  Prodcution TACT time greately imrpoved by Non-contact Jet dispense system.


3. High-precision and constant Volume Dispense to the complex internal mechanism.






Please contact us for more details!


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