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[MUSASHI] Musashi introduce Resin injection system for Optical components


Specialized for Optical Components system

 OPTO MINI avivale now!


Optical fiber market is growing up and requirements are getting higher.

The techologies also sophistcated and need precision sysytems.


Musashi had developed specialized system for such optical fiber process.





Model OPTOnimi
Use liquid Resin and others for ferrule
The number of the palette work The number of 100 (50*2) work is standard palette Specifications
The number of other Equipped is allowed by special order, too
Dispense head top and bottom stroke Up to 50mm
Dispense head top and bottom speed 1 - 200mm/sec.
Repetition position grain precision ±0.01mm or less
Work-space envelope The X-axis: 200mm/Y axis: 200mm
Speed range 0.1 - 500mm/sec.
Dispensing controller ML-808FXcom (optional)
Program data capacity 4,000 step 99CH.
Program data save The inside: Backup with built-in RAM
The outside: We stop at Software for editing the dispensing pattern MuCAD
Backup (optional) to the PC side media
Power supply, Power consumption AC100V 50/60Hz, 120VA
Exterior dimensions W388 X D304 X H422mm
Weight 17 kg
Optional ・tichingupendanto, various holders
・Work palette, heating and cooling temperature control system


More detail infomation, please contact us!

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