• Mechanical Dispesner
    Measuring Master

    - Overview -
    Digital control plunger pump that supports high viscosity.
    1. This capacity measuring digital control dispenser 
        discharges liquid with fluctuating viscosity accurately 
        and in set quantities. 
    2. Supports various applications, 
        such as potting for LEDs and underfills, 
        precision refills of oil, pouring electrolyte
        in various batteries, and ink discharge. 
    3. Supports a wide range of viscosity, 
        from 1 to 50,000mPa-s. 
    4. You can set dispensing conditions up to 400 ch 
        using the multi-channel. 
    5. Replace liquid without using tools and perform 
       simple maintenance for wetted parts. 
    6. CE marking (low voltage order, EMC order),
        EuRoHS    conformity


      Measuring Master MPP-1 Measuring Master MPP-3
    Method Volume measuring type degital dispenser
    Viscosity Low toMiddle ( 0.001 ~50Pa.s)

    Pressure setting

    0.001 ~ 0.5MPa

    Volume Range

    0.00001 ~ 0.16900ml

    0.00001 ~ 0.30100ml

    0.00001 ~ 0.67800ml

    ※ Select either one

    0.00001 ~ 5.1ml

    0.00001 ~ 7.3ml

    ※ Select either one

    No. of channels 400



    Mechanical Dispesner

    Aero Jet

    Cyber Jet 2 Screw Master 3 MPP-1



    Under fill fluid


    Solar cell



    HDD Parts


    Camera Module



    Die Bonding


    ※Dispense controller suitablness would be depended on customer's materials.

    ※If you are looking for except in the application list, please contact us.