• Air Pulse Dispenser
    ML-808 GX

    - Overview -
    Debut! Intelligent Dispenser 
    High precision dispenser that supports 
    viscosity fluctuation Increased controller 
    Reaction time precision for dispense 

    1. Auto increment 
    2. Auto Slop 
    3. Vac timer/Vac interval timer 
    4. Express shot 
    5. Data upload/Download (RS232C)

    Control System Micro-computer controlled Electronic-Pneumatic systems.
    Pressure Setting 20 ~ 800kPa
    Vacumm Setting 0 ~ ‐20kPa
    No. of channels 400

    1. Automatic increment function

    2. Automatic slope function (PAT.P)

    3. Vacuum timer / Vacuum interval timer

    4. Express shot function

    5. Data up-load/down load (RS232C)

    Exclusive Software for ML-808XG [MuCOM®808] (Optinal)

    Using the Exclusive software "MuCOM®808", you can "edit, save, and execute" dispensing conditions on your PC.
    1. [New development] Mode for designate conditions for two fluids
    2. [New idea] Recipe management of dispensing conditions
    ・Link with automatic machines, data management, central control.
    ・Allows for data backups on the PC
    ・Allows you to change settings on the graph (Discharge time / pressure)
    ・Allows you to print screens and set passwords


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    Air Pulse Dispense Controllers

    Super Sigma CMII V2/V5

    ML-808 GX ML-5000XII



    Under fill fluid


    Solar cell




    HDD Parts


    Camera Module


    Die Bonding


    ※Dispense controller suitablness would be depended on customer's materials.

    ※If you are looking for except in the application list, please contact us.