• Mechanical Dispenser
    Super Jet

    - Overview -
    The highest peak of ultra-fast, small amount JET dispenser.

    ・Super-high-speed Max: 1, 200 shots/sec
    ・Less than small amount 0.5 nL/shot
    ・±1% of high precision or less
    ・Synchronized speed is equipped with function. PAT.P
      We shorten cycle time to the maximum and contribute
      to ultimate production efficiency.           

    Ultrafast, non-contact jet dispenser

    ・Super-high-speed Max: 1, 200 shots/sec
    ・Less than small amount 0.5 nL/shot
    ・±1% of high precision or less
    ・Synchronized speed
    is equipped with function. PAT.P
      We shorten cycle time to the maximum and contribute
      to ultimate production efficiency.           


    Application Exaples

    Conformal coating

    Ubderfill Dispensing 
    Silicon-base liquid Dispense
    Tab reinforcement
    Smartphone cover adhesive



    Outside Drawings



    Demo-units would be available soon!  Please contact us for demo-units!