Environment & Materials

- Petroleum Product -

Kanematsu is developing value-added businesses by putting our customer-oriented know-how and services to use and leveraging our tank facilities for the petroleum product cargo trading.
Also in the energy business, we are engaging in new business opportunities in a changed environment caused by electricity and gas deregulation.

Petloreum Product

- Bunker -

Kanematsu’s bunker business is a long-established core business that began in 1955 as an offshore supply business on the North Sea.
We supply fuel oil (heavy oil/ light diesel oil)/ lubricant oil to marine vessels that play this valuable role in Japan and abroad.
We also built an overseas sales network with leading suppliers worldwide.


- Sustainable Energy -

Wood and plant-derived biomass is a carbon-neutral resource. Biomass power generation fueled by these resources contributes to the prevention of global warming by suppressing greenhouse gases. Since around 2015, Kanematsu has imported biomass fuel(wood pellets, oil palm shell, etc.) from Southeast Asia for power generation, supplying it to Japanese customers. In this way, we will continue to strive to maintain and improve the global environment.


- Super Diesel Cleaner -

Exclusively developed to remove the accumulated deposit from both DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and Fuel Injector

Regain original performance, Prevent trouble

Monitor results of SDC