Environment & Materials

- Petroleum Product -

Kanematsu is developing value-added businesses by putting our customer-oriented know-how and services to use and leveraging our tank facilities for the petroleum product cargo trading.
Also in the energy business, we are engaging in new business opportunities in a changed environment caused by electricity and gas deregulation.

Petloreum Product

- Bunker -

Kanematsu’s bunker business is a long-established core business that began in 1955 as an offshore supply business on the North Sea.
We supply fuel oil (heavy oil/ light diesel oil)/ lubricant oil to marine vessels that play this valuable role in Japan and abroad.
We also built an overseas sales network with leading suppliers worldwide.


- Super Diesel Cleaner -

Exclusively developed to remove the accumulated deposit from both DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and Fuel Injector

Regain original performance, Prevent trouble

Monitor results of SDC